Wednesday, September 07, 2005


I recently watched a show about The 10 most incredible hoaxes. The number 2 in the list was the Tasaday story, the philipine prehistoric tribe that Manuel Elizalde Jr. claimed he discovered, that amazed the world and after all was not so prehistoric as written in the inumerous articles printed about them world wide.
What's more incredible about all this is that there's a reporter who still denies it was an hoax.. "You couldn't teach kids to behave like that, to eat like that... you couldn't teach so many people to be like that and fool everyone.. you just couldn't.." - No?! Why not?! It's hard to admit you were fooled around in front of literally everyone around the globe... Hey! They fooled almost everybody so don't be so harsh on yourself!
There's one question in my head I can't answer "How the hell did anthropologists and other scholars believe such a story when there were facts that showed it was possibly fake?! A dumbass like me not knowing their diet was so deficient (according to the show) they couldn't possibly survive and buying it is one thing, but scholars not getting it..?!"

P.s. When I was looking for a photo to post I found several sites about the Tasaday and how it's story was not an hoax.. What I have to say about that, though I don't have anymore info except the tv show's, is this "A prehistoric people evolved in 14 years from the stone age to wearing jeans, building villages, drinking and smoking?! A prehistoric people?! Right..."

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