Monday, September 05, 2005

Jazz Workshop/ Freddy on the Drumms!

Saturday night was Jazz night, the 7th Cascais Jazz Workshop night. I was there to see a friend of mine play and let me say what a great show it was! Some of the students were simply amazing and I hope they make it somehow if that's what they want out of life, and that sure was what one would say after seeing how they played.
The vocals were incredible, just incredible (that's what I liked the most besides my friend's performance) sweet as honey or so melodic they were almost hipnotic.. the bass; the guitars; the piano; the sax, I love the way a sax sounds in some musics; the drumms and this is where my friend Fred came in and he "rocked" the house (I'm not saying this just because he's my friend) and there was also a kid that started to play in that workshop which pretty much impressed everyone..
And then, when the workshop teachers were already playing (They were fantastic!), the highlight of the evening, my friend Frederico Furtado got called on stage to perform with them as a prize for the best solo of the night! Well done Freddy, you deserve every bit of it for all your dedication, effort and the love you put in those drumms!
It was just great seeing all that talent and potential, next year I'll undoubtly return for another Jazz Workshop night!

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