Thursday, September 01, 2005

Che - That great "capitalist"!

Who hasn't seen a t-shirt, flag or a bag (etc) with Che printed on it?!
This one of the most known pictures throughout the world, one of the most merchandised ever! Now Che's family plans to lawsuit the companies that abuse his image trying to put an end to the long misuse it has been subject of. Make's all the sense of the world.. after all Che has been used by the capitalist world he died fighting against.
I'm not so innocent to think these lawsuits are just because all of a sudden Che's family got the means to do something about it, about something they wanted to fight for a long time has the good the communists they are.. Riiight!
I'm not a communist (actually I'm a complete "capitalist pig" and don't intend to change) and I don't idolize him, but never the less, despite wether his family's trying to defend his image and communism or just get some money out of the "Che business", I think this might be something good for him - he died defending Comunism and after it some companies just pick up his picture and spread it around the globe in a good old fashioned capitalist way?! It's ironic, to say the least and I doubt the man can even rest in his grave knowing he's been helping to reinforce the global consumer society..
Let's see where this ends..


abnegator said...

I couldnt get the picture that you posted. The monitor seems to be ignoring the red color pixels. :( . My bad. Cheers.

Paulo said...

I'm trying to find it in black and white so you can see it too, if find it I'll post a comment with the link. Anyway here's it's description of it: Che has the Nike symbol in his hat.