Thursday, September 15, 2005


Enjoy Sudoku in this online version!

Sunday, September 11, 2005


I read a bit of the official report and I think I'll never forget the feeling I got from reading a boy's last call to his father saying goodbye... I just starred at the page not being able to breeth for a while. Can't imagine what it would be like and I prefer if I'm never able to do it...
I'll never understand why someone would do something like this, there'll never be any possible explanation for it!

Zlad's Back!!!

I am the Anti-Pope!

What a great artist!!!
After his big hit last year "Elektronik-Supersonik" Zlad's Back to Eurovision with "I am the anti-pope"...
I still prefere "Elektronik-Supersonik" , but it's understandable - it's extremely hard to surpass such a hit!


Saturday, September 10, 2005

Déjà Vu?!

Have you ever experienced a feeling you lived that situation before, that Déjà vu feeling?!
What is a Déjà vu?!
Are scientific answers enough to explain such a thing for the people who felt/feel it?!
I think some things just aren't that easily explained... of course there's a logical and scientific explanation to it, but does it's definition resume to that?! Is that scientific definition even correct to begin with?!
Just wondering about science and the paranormal...

- What do you think? Comment about it if you want to...

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Space wonders: Dark horse head!

I was looking for some pictures of Mars when I stumbled into this...

...The Dark Horsehead Nebula! Wow! Isn't space just extraordinary?!

Was there water on Mars?!

(for info click the photo)
What do you think about it?

Human nature...

If you want to turn your life around somehow why not start today?!
Sometimes people keep postponing things without no sense at all, if they can do it today why won't they?!
Human nature...

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Return Lance!

I'd love it if he would return next year and bicyclekick some frenchy ass again!
That would deffinetly teach them not trying to smear such a man (At least I hope they have good sense for that)!


I recently watched a show about The 10 most incredible hoaxes. The number 2 in the list was the Tasaday story, the philipine prehistoric tribe that Manuel Elizalde Jr. claimed he discovered, that amazed the world and after all was not so prehistoric as written in the inumerous articles printed about them world wide.
What's more incredible about all this is that there's a reporter who still denies it was an hoax.. "You couldn't teach kids to behave like that, to eat like that... you couldn't teach so many people to be like that and fool everyone.. you just couldn't.." - No?! Why not?! It's hard to admit you were fooled around in front of literally everyone around the globe... Hey! They fooled almost everybody so don't be so harsh on yourself!
There's one question in my head I can't answer "How the hell did anthropologists and other scholars believe such a story when there were facts that showed it was possibly fake?! A dumbass like me not knowing their diet was so deficient (according to the show) they couldn't possibly survive and buying it is one thing, but scholars not getting it..?!"

P.s. When I was looking for a photo to post I found several sites about the Tasaday and how it's story was not an hoax.. What I have to say about that, though I don't have anymore info except the tv show's, is this "A prehistoric people evolved in 14 years from the stone age to wearing jeans, building villages, drinking and smoking?! A prehistoric people?! Right..."

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

A.I. Toys already?!

Toy companies are investing in high-tech toys wich hoping it will be what kids wish for Christmas..
The way things are evolving I wonder how much longer will the world have to wait for a Teddy like the one in A.I. or something like that...
Well when that happens no children of mine are going to have to make a tantrum about buying a Teddy.. as childish as I am I'll gladly give it to them or I'll even have one for myself! (LOL)
- That's if I have the money for it and it doesn't cost that much, of course...

For your entertainment!

I'm emptying my old mail box, saw these links and decided to post them though they're not new.. Enjoy it!

Monday, September 05, 2005

Jazz Workshop/ Freddy on the Drumms!

Saturday night was Jazz night, the 7th Cascais Jazz Workshop night. I was there to see a friend of mine play and let me say what a great show it was! Some of the students were simply amazing and I hope they make it somehow if that's what they want out of life, and that sure was what one would say after seeing how they played.
The vocals were incredible, just incredible (that's what I liked the most besides my friend's performance) sweet as honey or so melodic they were almost hipnotic.. the bass; the guitars; the piano; the sax, I love the way a sax sounds in some musics; the drumms and this is where my friend Fred came in and he "rocked" the house (I'm not saying this just because he's my friend) and there was also a kid that started to play in that workshop which pretty much impressed everyone..
And then, when the workshop teachers were already playing (They were fantastic!), the highlight of the evening, my friend Frederico Furtado got called on stage to perform with them as a prize for the best solo of the night! Well done Freddy, you deserve every bit of it for all your dedication, effort and the love you put in those drumms!
It was just great seeing all that talent and potential, next year I'll undoubtly return for another Jazz Workshop night!

Saturday, September 03, 2005


Hurricane Katrina...


ROME (Reuters) - An Italian minister who revealed he's keeping wolves as pets told authorities Wednesday to feel free to come and investigate as they always need "fresh meat."
More amazing even he kept a pet tiger for about a year.. until the tiger ate a dog!
Well what can I say.. since I was a little boy I always thought I'd love to have wolves as pets, they're my favorite animal (Creeps you out?! Perhaps I can explain why in a different post.), but some years ago I changed my mind.. I wouldn't mind seeing them upclose, gain some familiarity with them, but not so much it would prejudice them by domestication. I guess I would still do it if I had the space to raise them as semi-wild animals, but I'd never make it to take that wild side completely off them.. That's what makes it an amazing beast!

Friday, September 02, 2005

Zêzere - It just breaks my heart!

I took this shot more than 5 years ago, it's the Zêzere river (I think the closest thing to how the e's should be spelled is like a jamaican saying Hey - can't remember anything closest to it's sound right now), one of the biggest portuguese rivers and I think it's simply beautiful. Or sould I say it was beautiful..
How can I accept this river has dried up in some parts of it's course because of the arid weather we've been having?! How can I accept that large parts of the forests surrounding it have burned up because some guy thinks "it's cool watching it"?!
I accept because I simply have no choice.. I can't change the weather so there's nothing I can do about it.
It just breaks my heart to see some of the few wonders my country still has to vanish like this!
Let's hope it'll rain down this Autumn and Winter because we sure need it..

- All this is because I saw on Tv how bad it is right now and remembered this photo and how amazing it looked to me back then..

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Che - That great "capitalist"!

Who hasn't seen a t-shirt, flag or a bag (etc) with Che printed on it?!
This one of the most known pictures throughout the world, one of the most merchandised ever! Now Che's family plans to lawsuit the companies that abuse his image trying to put an end to the long misuse it has been subject of. Make's all the sense of the world.. after all Che has been used by the capitalist world he died fighting against.
I'm not so innocent to think these lawsuits are just because all of a sudden Che's family got the means to do something about it, about something they wanted to fight for a long time has the good the communists they are.. Riiight!
I'm not a communist (actually I'm a complete "capitalist pig" and don't intend to change) and I don't idolize him, but never the less, despite wether his family's trying to defend his image and communism or just get some money out of the "Che business", I think this might be something good for him - he died defending Comunism and after it some companies just pick up his picture and spread it around the globe in a good old fashioned capitalist way?! It's ironic, to say the least and I doubt the man can even rest in his grave knowing he's been helping to reinforce the global consumer society..
Let's see where this ends..