Thursday, November 17, 2005

WWE = my soap!

Some of my friends question why I enjoy watching WWE shows, what I answer them is that it's like a soap for guys (I know less girls than guys that enjoy things with violence and brutality. I'm not being macho, it's just a fact), or better still, it's my kind of soap. It's got everything a soap (Lita was with Matt Hardy and left him for Edge when Matt was in intensive care = it's soap material) has and much more!
I know what people that criticize this behaviour might say and think they're partly right: It's savagery! It's people enjoying the suffering of others.. the way we're able to enjoy such things just proves how basic we are... blablabla... a bunch of brainless peasants..." and so on, but I see it as entertainment, as talented "actors" and athletes entertaining us.

Latino Heat will continue burning!

Eddie Guerrero, the great "Latino Heat" died this November 13! WWE has less of entertainment already.. Eddie played just the kind of character one loves to hate and did it amazingly, he "lied, cheated, stole". I enjoyed watching him perform and will surely not miss the special show dedicated to him once it runs on portuguese tv.
Latino Heat, you'll forever be a reference for the fans and the everyone who enjoys WWE and saw you fight!
Rest In Peace, vato loco!