Thursday, November 17, 2005

WWE = my soap!

Some of my friends question why I enjoy watching WWE shows, what I answer them is that it's like a soap for guys (I know less girls than guys that enjoy things with violence and brutality. I'm not being macho, it's just a fact), or better still, it's my kind of soap. It's got everything a soap (Lita was with Matt Hardy and left him for Edge when Matt was in intensive care = it's soap material) has and much more!
I know what people that criticize this behaviour might say and think they're partly right: It's savagery! It's people enjoying the suffering of others.. the way we're able to enjoy such things just proves how basic we are... blablabla... a bunch of brainless peasants..." and so on, but I see it as entertainment, as talented "actors" and athletes entertaining us.

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