Thursday, November 17, 2005

Latino Heat will continue burning!

Eddie Guerrero, the great "Latino Heat" died this November 13! WWE has less of entertainment already.. Eddie played just the kind of character one loves to hate and did it amazingly, he "lied, cheated, stole". I enjoyed watching him perform and will surely not miss the special show dedicated to him once it runs on portuguese tv.
Latino Heat, you'll forever be a reference for the fans and the everyone who enjoys WWE and saw you fight!
Rest In Peace, vato loco!


Joao said...

Rest in Peace, Latino Heat. One of the graestest performers in WWE, who was on the brink of taking the WHC from the Animal, that same day. I was in true shock as i heard the news Sunday afternoon. Argubly, one of the top 10 wrestlers in WWE nowdays will be missed. Viva la Raza!

chris 13 said...

i was soo sad wen i heard tht eddie died.he was ma insperation to become a bc of him,im becomin a pro wrestler