Saturday, September 03, 2005


ROME (Reuters) - An Italian minister who revealed he's keeping wolves as pets told authorities Wednesday to feel free to come and investigate as they always need "fresh meat."
More amazing even he kept a pet tiger for about a year.. until the tiger ate a dog!
Well what can I say.. since I was a little boy I always thought I'd love to have wolves as pets, they're my favorite animal (Creeps you out?! Perhaps I can explain why in a different post.), but some years ago I changed my mind.. I wouldn't mind seeing them upclose, gain some familiarity with them, but not so much it would prejudice them by domestication. I guess I would still do it if I had the space to raise them as semi-wild animals, but I'd never make it to take that wild side completely off them.. That's what makes it an amazing beast!


abnegator said...

yup..i totally agree with u.

knowitallman said...

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