Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Basic Mistakes

I don't think that my english's bad, but since I don't use it everyday (it's not my native tongue) it rusts up. Speaking the language one understands things diferently and makes less mistakes. Not that I need to worry about my mistakes because of who's reading this - if you're reading this you're already insane, so no need to worry. EhEh
Even so I searched for the right way to say something (beside or besides) and found this really helpfull List.

By the way:
“Besides” can mean “in addition to” as in “besides the puppy chow, Spot scarfed up the filet mignon I was going to serve for dinner.” “Beside,” in contrast, usually means “next to.” “I sat beside Cheryl all evening, but she kept talking to Jerry instead.” Using “beside” for “besides,” won’t usually get you in trouble; but using “besides” when you mean "next to” will.

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