Thursday, August 25, 2005

A "light" subject to start with

Since I already talked about the Helix, I guess I'll start with a "light" topic: Religion!
Do you believe in God(s)? Which one(s) and why? If you're an agnostic or atheist, why is it? Do you think there's a chance you ever change your opinion?
I'm an agnostic, I was baptised to be a Roman Catholic, but grew up making up my mind against the Roman church and in time.. against most religions, I just believe in something Superior (you can call it God if you wish). I prefer Budhism over every other church, but think the other ones might have something of true into them. Having a part of it that's true (even if most times it's buried really really deep) doesn't mean that it is the right religion or even there's a God.
What I call "Superior being" or "God" is simply the sum of what I can't explain or science can't explain me.
So what about you?

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